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Accelerated MCSE  in  a  Weektm
Complete Windows 2003 Seminars

A single week will help you LEARN ALL SEVEN subjects to complete the Windows MCSE including ELECTIVES, while REALLY learning Windows 2003 Server, Active Directory, Windows Security, Windows Networks, and Windows XP in depth


Want proof?  Read our Alumni comments...

We discovered that the Accelerated Seminars prepar our students to pass additional exams but we do guarantee to pay for retakes on the ENTIRE 7 exams needed for the Win2003 MCSE.

This is because We teach the Products, and not just the tests.

If your experience is primarily with Win2000... (Win2003 makes improvements to Win2000 so if your experience is mainly Win2000 you CAN do the Win2003 Seminar -- with a bit of preparation which we will guide you to complete.)

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Special Seminars 
(offered to private groups only):
Accelerated Exchange Server
Accelerated SQL Server Admin
Accelerated SQL Server Design
Accelerated Proxy Server 
(now ISA Server)
Accelerated Internet Explorer Admin 5 (IEAK 5)
Accelerated Internet Information Server 5.0 

We teach the PRODUCTS not just the tests!

  Let us know
which you prefer
Austin, TX Aug 4-8, 2008

We pay for missed exam re-takes!!!

Accelerated MCSE in a Week Win2003 provides the best way to save time and money on certification while REALLY learning the products.  1 800 MCSE PRO

NOT a 'boot camp' or 'exam cram', but the World Class Win2003 training.  It is the shortest BECAUSE it is the best!  (not just the other way around)

Two-day Active Directory and DNS seminar coming soon -- let us know if you are interested...

Our students COMPLETE their MCSE and they LEARN THE PRODUCTS in less time than much longer, 'normal' trainings. This includes Herb's famous method for rapidly learning and really understanding IP Addressing and SUBNET Masking the easy and fast way, the real story on Active Directory Replication and Design, DNS, IPSec, RIS, VPNs, and much more....

We offer a complete Accelerated Seminar to complete your MCSE and provide an Win2000 MCSE upgrade to those who are certified...

The Win2003 covers ALL SEVEN exams to complete the Win2003 MCSE Track - more actually (70-299, 70-218, & 70-220, and portions of ISA Admin 70-227)

70-270 Accelerated MCSE WinXP Professional
70-290 Accelerated MCSE Win2003 Server
70-291 Accelerated MCSE Win2003 Network

70-293 Accelerated MCSE Win2003 Network Planning
Accelerated MCSE Win2003 Active Directory  
70-297 Accelerated MCSE Win2003 Active Directory Design
70-298 Accelerated MCSE Win2003 Security Design

--or upgrade exams--

70-292 Accelerated MCSA Win2000 => Win2003
70-296 Accelerated MCSE Win2000
=> Win2003

Although technically NOT part of the Windows 2003 week, Exam 70-222 Migration from WinNT to Win2000 and 70-218 was covered SIMPLY because we teach the PLY because we teach the products -- our students just passed these without much extra study, even though we didn't even focus on these tests at all. 

Accelerated  MCSE in a Week Seminar



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