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If you are serious about achieving the MCSE in a short period of time and with a very good conceptual foundation for further advancement, than you will not be able to beat the efficiency of this course. Herb will give you the system, the key concept knowledge and the self assurance to finish, not just think about it. Herb and the rest of the team (family may be a better word) are NOT just focused in on "getting x number of bodies into class". 

I can assure you their success criteria is how soon ALL of their students pass their MCSE exams and how much knowledge they carry into their professional work. It's not a "goodbye" at the end of the class week, it's more like you're now in the association and they'll be talking to you in next several weeks making sure you get whatever help you need to finish.

For most of us, the time and extra knowledge gained are well worth the expense, you will be focused on what is important. 

I can't say enough about Herb ....

Doug Bracken
Equistar Chemicals

I am very excited and pleased with the way your course prepared me for the exams and real life situations. Kudos to you on your methods of teaching the MCSE track!

Everyone seeking an MCSE should take your course ASAP and most importantly sign up for the test in advance ((STOMP)) so you can take them as soon as the week long course is over! I can't express enough how excited I am knowing that I finished in 2 days! While I was leaving the testing center the owner/manager offered me job on the spot! He said he has never seen anyone come in and take all 6 exams in a row and pass! I'm not so sure about taking the job but it is a great feeling getting the respect. 

Thanks again Herb for your excellent instruction!

David Parrish
MCSE ;-)

Comments: Just a note to Carol and Herb --

Thanks again for your course, and the polo shirt. Without you, all I would have had was "applied knowledge." After taking your course, I took six tests in ten days, and got my MCSE.

I have since moved on and up from the company I was with when I attended your class, and I owe my continued success to your class. I constantly recommend your classes to anyone serious about being MCSE. 

I'm currently working on my +I and MCT certifications.

Thanks again.
Sean P. O'Brien, MCSE



I just got my shirt here at Shell. I instantly went into my office, shut the door and changed into the shirt. Thanks for sending it. 

On another note. I was speaking with a friend with whom I used to work with at Compaq and told here how wonderful all of you were. She is a team lead for their Exchange group and expressed a true interest in your services.  I know she and other members of her team are needing to get their MCSE's and would be well served by, so you may want to send her some information.

I gave her your Web address and I would not be surprised to learn she has already looked at it. Some of her co-workers had been using a 'boot camp' in Colorado so your cost savings should be real interesting to them. 

Anyway, thanks for the shirt and all the support. Colleen and I are looking forward to meeting you at the party next month.

Rockey J. Reed, MCSE, MCP+I
Team Lead, Fault Tolerant Group
Shell Services International



I enjoyed your class and thought you did an excellent job.

Your emphasis on not feeling bad if you fail a test helped me a great deal, (I passed them all on the first try) keep that element in your class teaching.


It's over! 6 days, 6 tests! thanks Herb you're a genius! I'll take an XL on that shirt please.  

To those still working on it, keep the faith & follow Herb's recipe it works.

Blue Skies
Keith Levine MCSE

Herb and Carol,

Just wanted to let ya'll know that I just completed the last of my 6 MCSE exams on Tuesday.  Six for six with no close calls. Thanks Herb.

Mark Thibodeaux
Arthur Andersen Consulting

Hello everyone at,

GREAT NEWS!!! As per Herb's explicit instructions I scheduled my 6 tests for this week (2 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday). I passed all 6 on my first attempt!!! I spent a couple of hours each day reviewing before writing the exams.

Thanx Herb for an excellent course. If you plan on running the MCSE+Internet courses, or the speed reading courses, please let me know.

Best regards,

Shafiq Amarsi
Senior Consultant, Microsoft Consulting Services


As of today, I am a MCSE!! I will definitely be recommending your training program to ANYONE I speak to who wishes to get their MCSE...without it, I could not have completed my certs this quickly. I passed each test on the first try, and actually understood the concepts behind the questions!

Thanks again for your terrific program,

Christopher Hyde, MCSD, MCP + Internet, MCSE

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Subject: Test Schedule for Yuri Solomon

 May I also take time to thank you for the class and commend you on your skills as a teacher. You are one of the better teacher that I've seen.

Yuri Solomon
Columbia Gas
Houston, TX

Just wanted to let you know that as of today I am an MCSE.  Your class and study materials played a major role in accomplishing this. Thanks for all of your help.

James Cotton
Sr. Network Engineer
Computer Tech, Inc.

  From: Mark Fitch 
  Subject: Thanks

 Herb: thanks so much for your input into the MCSE list. I am studying at the Cyberstate University program and you are more knowledgeable and timely that any help I get there. thanks for spending the time. Have you written a book? 

  Thanks again
  Mark Fitch


Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for such a great training class.  

Thanks again for the putting on the best training class I have ever been to. 
No marketing stuff, just straight forward facts. 

Larry W. Philbrick
Global Workgroup Computing
Dell Computer / Information Technology



 Subject: Thanks for the help!!

 Hi Herb,

I am Steve Thompson. I talked with you the other day on the phone about DHCP and Scopes and what not. I just wanted to let you know that your advice on the situation was just what I needed. I got everything working and proceeded to spend the next 40+ hours (in a near contiguous block) overhauling our network. We integrated two domains into one for organizational reasons. In any event, it was quite a challenge. 

Thanks again for the help! The next time I am in Austin, I'll buy you a nice lunch.

Steve T.

Comments: Martins - Just wanted to send an alumni note praising your program. I took the Accelerated MCSE course at the end of September, 1998. By October 14, I was an MCSE after passing all the exams on the first try. I don't think I could have done so well, as economically as I did, without the Accelerated MCSE.

Within 6 months of my certification, I moved up from a systems administrator position to managing an IT team - greatly improving my salary and career prospects.

Thanks again for a stellar program!

Jim Macknik
Manager, Technical Operations
Hart Information Services

As you are my technical hero, I was wondering if you could recommend some books for the SQL 7.0 exam. And, do you do customized training classes?

Teri Williams
Application Service Engineer
Dell Computer Corporation

To: MCSE at 
Subject: Who is this Herb Martin? A human -- a bot??

After watching this list for a few weeks, I have noted that there are messages that stream in from a "Herb Martin." Sometimes these messages come in at all hours of the day and night -- often covering a period of 15-18 hours a day. Now these messages are chock full of detailed, informative, reassuring, encouraging, helpful, assistive type of information. The detailed ones especially seem as if they are originating from one of Bill Gates' Gnomes in Redmond. They are long -- but not dreary -- detailed -- but not too much -- and most of all, they remove the "haze" that surrounds the many tomes that I and many -- if not most of us -- slave over, hour after hour, day after day, and week after week. My concern is -- how can one "human being" garner so much detailed information and have it ready at his finger tips -- (I  was going to say on the tip of his tongue -- but you have to pay $3000 to see his tongue!!). With the hundreds or so questions on the hundres of topics that are generated in any 24-hour period -- how is this "Herb Martin" able to spew out such precise and detailed information at a moment's notice and then switch gears (or HDD's!) and render the same type of helpful information on a sometimes completely different topic to another person?

Is it possible that one "Human Being" could take globs of clay (our minds) and mold them in such a way that readers of this list actually learn, comprehend and really understand this stuff?? -- that readers minds are molded in such a manner that these readers will actually become "informed" "knowledgable" "competent" and "able" MCSEs -- which is terrific advertising for Billy G?? My answer to that question is a resounding NO! There must be another explanation for all this! 

I would submit and argue (I'm a lawyer -- we like to argue!) that there is no such "human being" as "Herb Martin." Instead it is a "bot" or that these messages are being read by thousands of the faithful in Redmond -- and they each research an answer and respond (perhaps the authors of the Resource Kits???). There simply is no other valid or reasonable argument. No one can know as much as this about NT!! It is inhuman -- and unhuman that one Human can be in possession of all of this information and be able to communicate it in such an understandable manner. Moreover, even assuming arguendo, that this Herb Martin does indeed exist as a human, how is he able to go on for such long periods of time spewing forth this information. Just as an example, it takes me over 3-4 hours to read all the mail that this Herb Martin generates in one 24 hour period. If it takes me that long to read -- it must take a tad longer to (1) research the question and (2) type it in. When does Herb Martin have time for a life?? -- like to eat, sleep, romance his bride, play ball with his kids, and keep up on the Impeachment Trial news?? No one human being can be so devoted to freely providing and unselfishly sharing his detailed knowledge as to ignore the necessities of life. Perusing the messages generated by this Herb Martin -- one would readily be convinced -- beyond a reasonable doubt -- that we humble, uninformed, mushy minded, helpless future MCSEs are his primary reason for existing in this Microsoft world. Naw, this line of argument cannot be sustained. There simply cannot be such a human being in this world of "What's in it for me"? Thus, I must revert to my original thesis -- "Herb Martin" is either a "bot" or a conglomeration of Gnomes at Redmond.

That being said -- assuming anyone has reached this point in this overly verbose message -- it is simply my way of saying thank you -- on behalf of myself and everyone on this list for your constant and unselfish assistance. AS George M. Cohan (also Jimmy Cagney) once said, "my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and most of all WE on this list -- your vertible creations thank you!!! (I know that when I get my MCSE its going to say MCSE, HM.)

Subject: Well, i guess i need my new SHIRT.. :)


I just passed all the MCSE tests, I did fail TCP/IP but it was not because I did not know the subject, more like I was not ready for it. I shouldn't scheduled IIS and TCP/IP back to back, but oh well. Any ways I was able to schedule it today, and had no problems passing it the second time around. 

Thanks again for all your help and encouragement.

Thank you!!!!!!

P.S. I will fax my failed test, and I will put the my mailing address so that I can get the refund. Thanks again...

Rick Huerta, MCSE
Dell Computer Corporation
Advanced Systems, Enterprise TSR

I'm sure you hear this all the time, but man, are we relieved!

 This was an awesome experience, and we have you to thank for it. Your class was just what we needed Herb, and it was due in large part to your delivery. Thank you very much Herb for your expertise, knowledge, and your southern hospitality, (those lunches and snacks were wonderful).

I'm sure Ken isn't going to share this with you, so I will - Ken got a perfect score on the TCP/IP exam - while Ken worked very hard to achieve that success, I think your class really made the difference - Ken's a pretty bright guy. Anyway, I just want to thank you one last time, and tell you my shirt size... ;-) 

Thanks again Herb,

(one satisfied customer) Pete

I wanted to express my gratitude and more thanx, I am positive I speak for Pete also. We seem to be prepared and are getting high scores on our tests, the lowest we have done has been 100+ points passing.

Everyone at the facility is very impressed with ours, and your, results.

Although I don't think they are all too happy, since they teach the MCSE series for $8000 over a much longer period of time, and we tell everyone about your class, less money - shorter time.

As soon as we finish our exams we will be in touch for our shirts, by the way we both our X-large, just for preparation.

Thank you,
Kenneth M. Wood

Good morning Herb, and Happy New Year,

I wanted to let you know that the class in December was instrumental in enabling me to pass each of the 6 exams on my FIRST try. I followed your instructions to the letter (scheduling exams, using your material as the primary study material, and so forth). Your class provided the focus on the key items necessary for the exam, through reinforcement and understanding of the products and their operation. I was never very good at just memorizing information to pass an exam - you furthered my knowledge.

Thanks again,

Dave Crawford
xnet, inc.
Houston, TX


Sent: Thursday, December 03, 1998 02:13
To: MCSE Mailing List
Subject: Re: MCSE: 9 Questions of TCP/IP: THANKS

Respective Mr.Herb Martin,

Thank you very much for replying my 9 TCP/IP question in such a short time. I wish, I had a instructor like you (even with 30% of your knowledge) would have satisfied me.

I have made a special mail folder called "Herb Martin". Thank you very much giving you time in precise & concise explanation.

With regards,
Ajay Desai

I'm very impressed with my ability so far, and I'm telling everyone how great the Learnquick approach is. My boss is starting to get interested, also I got to use some stuff I learned with a customer yesterday - made me look really good. More power to you.

Mark Jeffrey
Broadband Network Architect - Public Network Platforms team
Microsoft Corporation

>The opinions expressed in this message are my own personal views and do not reflect the official views of Microsoft Corporation.<

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I really enjoyed the MCSE in a week seminar.  It was exactly what I thought it was going to be.  It was nice to attend a seminar where the speaker clearly understands that time is a precious comodity that should not be wasted.

Herb, I would also like to commend you knowledge of all the Microsoft applications. Bravo!

Jaime Garcia 
Dell Computer Corp.

Subject: I'm a 4 letter word ....

....MCSE, that is.

Herb -- thanks for the great class, and perhaps most importantly, the kick in the butt and the conviction that I could just do it, and get those pesky exams out of the way!

Mark Katzenberger MCSE

Martins and,

Thank you so much. Your class is unbelievable. I passed all my exams on the first try, I do not know that this would have been possible without the training I received from you. The greatest thing about the class was that I learned "NT" not just how to pass the exam. I feel really confident that I could prevail any any given situation working with NT.  The scope and depth of your class is phenomenal.

Thanks again. I still am in awe that I am an MCSE.

Once again, Thanks a million....

Bryan Scott

I recommend if you're looking for MCSE that you should bone up on your NT and Networking skills ... Server in the Enterprise is an exam that isn't to be taken lightly ... the best training (in my opinion) you can get is thru Microsoft TechNet (you can get a subscription for 300 bucks) ... My company had purchased a copy for me before I became an MCSE and its knowledge base has invaluable information regarding all that is Microsoft ... Once you become an MCSE you will get a copy for free, but if you're serious about your studies you may wish to purchase one in advance.

There's a GREAT class that will prepare you for the tests ... you can find out about their organization at ... Herb Martin teaches the classes and takes alot of the mysteries out of the Microsoft world.

Cecil Rice, MCSE, MCP+I
Bell South Mobility

This is just a quick note to say "Thank You!!!!!!!" for a wonderful class.  It was exactly what I needed to prepare for my exams, and was completely successful. I passed my sixth and final (for now) exam today, and can now place MCSE on my resume and business cards.

This class is perfect for someone like me who has been doing network administration of some sort or another for several years, yet lacked 1) the confidence in my actual knowledge, and 2) some of the theory that pulls all of the knowledge and hands-on experience together.  I have been and will continue highly recommending your seminar to friends and colleagues.

Thank you again for an extremely valuable experience!

Robin L. Ott (MCSE)

Herb, great seminar!!! I increased my product knowledge by at least a factor of 10.


Harvey Madison
Senior Lab Supervisor
College/Graduate School of Business
University of Texas at Austin


I received the Polo shirt -  thank you very much! 

I could not have gotten my MCSE so quickly had I not attended your seminar.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting their certification. 

Thanks again and good luck with all of you endeavors. You are running a quality operation......STOMP ! ! !

Paul Del Vecchio
Software Performance Engineer
Dell Computer Corporation

Hi Herb,
    I had to jet out of class before I had a chance to say a proper goodbye and thank you. Let me just say that I have already passed 5 of the 6 exams and will be taking the last one (TCP/IP) tomorrow.  My scores ranged from a low of 795 on IIS to 924 on NT server.
    The class was great and I enjoyed meeting you and Carol.     Anyway, thanks again.

Barry Hohstadt, MCSE
....Here is the URL for the seminar I took ( The instructor Herb Martin was a Principal Microsoft Consultant for many years and is one of the best in the business. This course is NOT for NT beginners. It is for seasoned pros who need just a little more push to drive the concepts home. If you are pretty comfortable with NT and have been taking the practice tests, then this course will bring it all together for you.

It is not merely a boot camp, there is quite a bit of product knowledge taught in the courseroom as well as some helpful test taking tips, tricks, and hints.

If you sign up, please tell Herb I sent ya!

Angelique Langston, MCSE
Dell Computer Corporation

Hi Herb & Carol

Thank you for a fantastic week! I have now passed all 6 tests, and it went great! Your concepts work fine for me!

Kind Regards

Steen Kristensen, MCSE
System Administrator
LEGO Media International, DK Office>

NCAC is my own consulting company.  This training effort was an individual decision to help further my career.  I was tired of waiting for the corporation I am presently employed  with, to cough up the fees necessary for MCSE certification.    I took charge of my future and paid for the training out of my pocket, and I am extremely satisfied with Herb's course. It was outstanding, maybe worth twice the price (don't tell Herb!).

I have attended classes with QuickStart Technologies, and even though they spent a week per subject, I never pursued MCSE certification after their classes because they don't motivate their students.  Herb lays out the ground rules before hand, keeps the momentum going, and interacts with the class at every stage of the training. He actually has an interest in his students success.  I feel confident that I have a head start on the Microsoft tests after attending Herb's Accelerated MCSE course.

It is the confidence that helps people succeed.   A BIG THANK YOU to Herb for restoring and building my   confidence!

Neil C. Addis (CNA, NARTE T1, A+, FUTURE MCSE)

Herb and

Congratulate me, I passed both my Server and Workstation exams. I plan on taking Enterprise next week with IIS and TCP/IP the following week.

Thank you for a good class. I found the class to be very helpful for these two exams.

Edward J. Daly
LAN Architect Leader
GE Capital Services - Corporate Technology

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I completed my final exam Saturday and am now an MCSE and MCP + Internet! I passed all 6 tests on the first try. Scheduling the tests was quite a bit of a hassle, so it took me much longer than you recommended in the class, but I studied and "made 'em count."

I found your class to be incredibly well presented and perfect for preparing for the exams. I liked it so well, I have recommended it to many of my friends, one of whom has already been through your class.

Thank you so much for helping prepare for my new career! Good luck to you. You deserve all of the success you are surely having.

David Hammond, MCSE, MCP + Internet

I just wanted to let you know that I passed all 3 tests I took last weekend. They were server, workstation and TCP/IP. I will schedule the next 2 as soon as I can and let you know what the dates are. They will probably be after Thanksgiving week.

Also wanted to say that your class was the most informative that I have attended to date. It really helped boost my confidence for those tests and taught me a lot.


Eric Wagner, CNE (MCSE soon)
Senior Network Engineer
NETForce Technologies

I enjoyed your MCSE in a week course. I learned a lot that applies directly to what I do on a daily basis. Thanks again for a great class.

Henry Bruns

Just dropping a line to let you know I have completed all the exams. Your course has been an invaluable tool in getting me certified and as equally important, teaching me the basics of administrating an NT network. I have recomended your course already to people I know.

Look  forward to seeing you at the alumni party.


Tim Tyndall Sep 28-Oct 2 class

Hi Carol and Herb,

Just a quick note to say that I got my MCSE on September 30,   and to thank you. I enjoyed the class very much and would recommend anyone who is pursuing a MCSE.

Thanks again,
Dave Coehlo

Herb and,

I really enjoyed the class. It was fast, direct and with none of the common B.S. I have seen in other classes. I really respected the way the egotistical, see what I've done, people were handled. You kept things on track and maintained our focus. I learned in a week what others take months to comprehend. I feel that when the funding for the class is going out of one's own pocket, then one expects a higher standard, and I am satisfied that standard was achieved. I started testing Monday 17 Aug and finished today 24 Aug. Taking your class and doing some studying on my own to glue all the stuff together, were keys to my success. 

Thank you again for offering such a great learning experience and I look forward to your class on Effective Learning and Speed Reading.

Al, The Network Dude, and MCSE too

Herb and,

Thanks very much for an incredible learning experience...

Brent McCray
Technology Consultant, MCSE's - Herb Martin, did the best job I have ever seen (and I've seen more than a few) explaining TCP/IP subnet masking and how to do the assorted math. On the exam, before starting the IP exam, I  drew out the 2 exponent table and a table with 8 columns, listing high bit sums across the top and bit values across the bottom. When I came to a question and saw the word submit - I marked it and skipped it.

When I finished all other questions, I was able to shift my brain into math mode and using the two little charts, solve all the subnet questions in record time. (Well, according to the receptionists, no one else has written network essentials, IIS and TCP/IP in under an hour and a half). So thanks for all your little tricks.

Brian Bourne
Royal Bank - Canada



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