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Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Trial Download

Free trial software like Windows 2003 Advanced Server 180 evaluation.
Direct to download registration

Windows Server 2003 Trial Software explanation for trial CD (small shipping charge) or download -- links to registration above.  For download you receive an email with the download location and registration key.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Extensive Study Notes

Active Directory did not change very much between Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Server -- this is especially true for the exams if you study the PRODUCT the way we teach it.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Workstation Extensive Study Notes

Not many people are still working on Windows 2000, especially the workstation exam but these study notes are from our Accelerated Seminar and quite extensive -- plus much of this material is still relevant to Windows XP and the MCSE 2003.

TCP/IP calculator

JavaScript help with subnet addressing. Use it as a tutorial or to solve a subnetting scenario.

older:  TCP/IP PRE-Seminar Study Guide (excerpt)

Study material for the TCP/IP Seminar. The sections on Binary Arithmetic and Subnet Addressing preparation have PROVEN effective.

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Building a Simple (and Cheap) Ethernet

With just two (or more) computers you can build a simple network for practicing and studying for your MCSE Certification.

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starspin.gif TCP/IP: DNS, WINS, & DHCP

Herb's introductory comparison of these three servers. Explains the basics of name resolution and dynamic TCP/IP configuration.

Microsoft WINS Whitepaper (download)

Microsoft DNS Whitepaper (download 1.1 MB)

Microsoft DHCP

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Microsoft Technet DNS

Windows NT Server Domain Name System (DNS) Server

DNS and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

DNS Troubleshooter

Querying for DNS on any major Internet search site will find hundreds or thousands of documents, so narrow your query with other terms, such as setup or administration. Reference lists on the World Wide Web include:

DNS Resources Directory

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PPTP and Implementation of Microsoft Virtual Private Networking

This document is an excerpt from Advanced Windows NT Concepts, a book by New Riders Publishing.

Microsoft PPTP Product Documentation

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Internet Information Server and Index Server

Internet Information Server 3.0 with Docs

The documentating was formerly available separately.  As far as we know, you must now download the entire product to acquire the docs.

Index Server at Microsoft

Proxy Server Evaluation Download

SNA Server at Microsoft

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Windows NT

Windows NT Server: Microsoft's Domain Planning Guide (177 KB)

An overview of the various components of a Microsoft® Windows NT® Server network. The relationships between computers and domains, users and domains, user groups and domains, and between multiple domains are explained, providing a general understanding of how all the pieces fit together.

Windows NT Home Page (at Microsoft)

MSFT Systems Professional Resources

Microsoft Interoperability Planning Guide

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Free stuff to help you study

First, call Sylvan Prometric ( 1 800 755 EXAM) and ask for the "Microsoft Education and Roadmap" CDROM.Just ask for the "Roadmap". onepix.gifMicrosoft also has an online version.
You might also want to see the next item on joining the MCSE Mail List.

Personal Exam Prep (PEP) Tests (pep.exe)(561k)
Assessment Exam (asm1.exe)(737k)
Assessment Exam (asm2.exe)(1107k)
Assessment Exam (asm3.exe)(967k)
Administering Microsoft Windows NT4.0 Self-Administered
onepix.gifAssessment (NT4ASM.exe)(585k)
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Internet Resources for Windows NT®

Internet applications, documents, and resources that are available for Windows NT and Windows 95. The majority of the programs listed are time limited demo and trial versions of commercial applications from major software developers. Others are Freeware and Shareware.

TechNet Small Business Networking Series: An Introduction-Contents

A networking guide from Microsoft.

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Best mailing lists and Web resources

The best mailing list is -- NOTE: this has changed from what used to be 'mcse-l', dropping the '-l' from the list name.

To join this list send an email message to with the message TEXT:

SUBSCRIBE mcse <your email address goes here>
Example: SUBSCRIBE mcse

To leave this list, send an email message to with the message TEXT:

If these procedures do not work then send mail directly to the list owner: <Scott Armstrong>

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Telephony, TAPI, MAPI, Speech API, UniModem, etc

Some information at Microsoft on these topic...


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